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What do Greeters do? Glad you asked!

We meet people out in the parking lot, with one greeter. Then we have other greeters inside the door to welcome newcomers, get them signed in, and hopefully get to know them.

It is our goal to greet a minimum of 3 times before guests make it to their seats for corporate worship. If it's raining we even meet them at their car with an umbrella.

Our youngest greeter is 6 and our oldest is 60 - care to join the team? Contact Steve Koch at 404-788-2549

Praise Team

We firmly believe that corporate worship is not a performance but rather a time to lift our collective voices in praise of a Living God and Savior.  All members of the worship team understand that the focus should be on encouraging the participation of the congregation.  

If you are interested in contributing to this ministry with your gifts or service, come see J Cathey on Wednesday nights at 5:45. 


Contact: Nick Hudson

Provides technical support for the various ministries including:
Sound and Video for a variety of services
Computer hardware and network maintenance
Website administration
Campus infrastructure and equipment