At Church of the Vine, we want to be committed to the same things that the first church was. Therefore, we intentionally organize ourselves around 6 areas of ministry. These are pictured in the diagram to the right of these words.

We believe that everything in the Christian life begins with WORSHIP. It is in worship that you love and glorify God. Each human being is created with a spiritual vacuum in their heart that can only be filled through loving God and giving Him first place in their life by accepting the truth about His Son Jesus and their own sinfulness. As you love God and worship Him with this understanding the Holy Spirit fills you.

After you have loved God in worship you have an innate desire to commune and communicate with Him through prayer. As you pray more and more, God’s Spirit leads you to tell those around you about your love for Him and His Son. When you obey this prompting of the Holy Spirit you become an evangelist.

Telling others what God has done for you and in you (evangelism) is the most natural thing a Christian can do. Telling your story to those with whom you come into contact will eventually bear fruit. When you lead another person to accept the truth about Jesus Christ and their own sinfulness you have borne fruit as a Christian. You cannot desert them but instead will assist them to grow in their newfound faith.

As you help this person you have led to Christ grow and develop in their new faith you are discipling them.

As you and those you have discipled learn more about your faith together you will no doubt quickly begin to have a desire to become a blessing to others in your community (ministry)as God has blessed you. This desire to begin to bless those beyond your immediate circle is service.

As you serve your community and beyond with those whom you worship, pray, evangelize, disciple, and serve you will experience wonderful and sweet fellowship. In this fellowship you will experience the authentic community in this life that you crave.