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There is more rejoicing in heaven over 1 sinner who repents than 99 righteous.

This biblical truth is clearly taught by Jesus in Luke 15. Just as the lost sheep, lost coin and lost son when found bring rejoicing, so too must we find the lost and bring rejoicing to heaven.

To disagree with this biblical priority for the allocation of ministry resources is put oneself in league with the elder brother and to be clearly out of step with the Heavenly Father.

We believe the goal of EVANGELISM is to persuade unbelievers to become followers of Jesus Christ and responsible members of a Christian church. As persuasionists we assert that no matter how many times an individual may hear the gospel, if they do not become a confessing and practicing disciple of Jesus Christ then they are still un-evangelized.

Paige Patterson gives a responsible position in “Lifestyle Evangelism.” According to Patterson, a biblical and balanced view of evangelism must have seven principles.

First, evangelists need integrity. Christians need to be open and honest with those whom we are building relationships that our motive is to enable them to experience God’s saving grace. Next, evangelists need sensitivity. We need to be friendly and not pushy when evangelizing. Jesus would never be rude or crass in His evangelization. Third, evangelists must be pure in their motives. Any motive other than bringing glory to God is improper. Christians do the work of evangelism as blind beggars who have found bread and wish to show others our newly found source for sustenance. Another principle which evangelists must bear in mind is urgency. Hell is a reality, time is not on our side, or those who are lost. We must share Christ now; evangelizing must be our most compelling task. Evangelists also need to be accountable. All of our methods must be biblical and effective, those which are not must discarded. We must acknowledge that having many converts and few disciples is unacceptable. Next, if we are applying biblical methods and proper methods then we will see souls saved and disciples made. Finally, it must be clear that evangelism is not accomplished until disciples and not simply converts have become the only biblically authentic goal we strive together to achieve (Matthew 28:19,20).